Car mechanic replacing timing belt at camshaft of modern engine

Cambelt Replacement & Repair Taunton

MB Garage Services can provide you with all of your vehicles cambelt service requirements.

What is a ‘cambelt’?

The purpose of a cambelt (or ‘timing belt’) is to ensure that the moving components of your engine revolve in perfect co-ordination. The cambelt revolves at 1000s of revolutions per minute, withstanding extreme mechanical and thermal stresses, so replacing the belts and tensioners at the scheduled intervals is essential maintenance that you should take very seriously. Failure to service this part of your engine can result in a snapped belt, causing irreparable damage to your engine rendering your car or van useless.

How can MB Garage Services help?

We can check and make an assessment on your vehicles cambelt to ensure it is up to the standard required for you to depend on your vehicle and to check that is has no obvious signs of dangerous wear and tear. Using our many years of experience at your service, you can depend on MB Garage Services to comprehensively check your cambelt and all associated engine components for peace of mind and great value for money.

The MB Garage Advantage

Your manufacturer states when your cambelt should be replaced, and MB Garage Services will take this into consideration when working on your vehicle making sure it is always kept within the manufacturers guidelines as this helps you get the most from your car or van. We understand that you want to avoid engine failure as well as extortionate pricing, which is why you should contact us today and let us help you keep your cambelt in working order for the next few years.

Cambelt Repair Taunton & Cambelt Replacement Taunton

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