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Car & Van Diagnostics in Taunton

MB Garage services offers quality commercial van diagnostics in Taunton; as well as all makes and models of car diagnostics in Taunton.

What is tested during diagnostics?

A diagnostic test is usually carried out during the vehicle’s services, or when one of the service lights on the car comes on. For example, have you ever been driving round and seen the battery or brake light come on? When you take your car into the garage, this is what they will be assessing.

Car diagnostics in Taunton, at MB Garage Services, works by accessing your car or van’s on board computer systems. Most modern cars and vans now have a built in computer system. Due to this you must always utilise the services of a qualified and certified mechanic or dealership, to ensure the diagnostics are run correctly. MB Garage Services are suitably qualified to carry out all car and van diagnostics. When the Mechanic plugs in the diagnostic equipment, this accesses the car’s computer and reporting system, to see if any faults have been detected.

What is tested during a diagnostic test?

The diagnostic test will run a full check of the vehicle’s system for fault codes relating to parts such as the ignition coils, brakes and steering, battery and charging system, RPM levels and the camshaft position.

What are the Main Benefits of Vehicle Diagnostics?

Car diagnostics are a quick and easy way of the mechanic identifying any potential problems. In the past, if there is a problem with the car or van, it could be quite labour intensive to go through the mechanics of the car, to find out what the issue is.

Many cars and vans will show the machine a ‘fault’ code, which can then be matched up to the fault code, allowing the mechanic to quickly and easily identify the problem. For example, a battery light on the dashboard could mean a faulty battery, a loose charging connection or a faulty alternator. A diagnostic test would provide a fault code, showing the Mechanic which of these parts is the problem.

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